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The JUUL Community

Meet the people who inspire us everyday. From cab drivers to doctors, this is what JUUL looks like in the real world.

There’s not rocket science. It’s a simple product. When driving whenever you need it, pick it up, take a puff, put it back, it’s charging.
see aman's story
I decided to make the switch to JUUL because I don’t smell, don’t need a lighter.
see carl's story

It's not a cigarette.
see Reuven's story
My husband and I went into a vape store to buy me an ashtray. We ended up picking up a JUUL instead.
see reuben & malissa's story

I love JUUL because it is convenient and it is easy; it is the best product out there.
see Teru's story
With JUUL's help, I've accomplished something that I didn't realize I wanted to do.
see michelle's story

Favorite flavor: Mint
see jared's story
After 53 years of smoking cigarettes, being able to switch is such a fantastic accomplishment.
see doug's story

I would catch myself reaching for my JUUL before I would reach for my pack of cigarettes.
see Sage's story
I appreciate JUUL for its ease of use, satisfaction and reliability.
see rahul's story

Being able to kind of really focus on being there in the moment, and not worry about when's the next time that I could step out.
see Michael's story
I've been smoking for at least 30 years, and I found JUUL, I switched and I'm very content with it.
see michael's story

It’s been a really easy transition.
see barbara's story
My least favorite thing about smoking was the smell.
see latina's story

I'm very excited about the transition and how easy it was for me.
see ashanna's story
This product has been exactly what I want in an e-cig.
see angela's story

I don't have to worry about smelling like cigarettes.
see Jason's story
I’m constantly encouraging people to use this and not smoke your cigarettes.
See lauren's story

You don’t have to build coils; you’re not messing with filling up any juice; you just swap out the pods.
see scott's story
We've done it together.
see Ramona & Paul's story

JUUL is easy to operate and simple.
see alex's story
It’s petite, it’s small, it’s convenient, the cartridge goes right in, and the batteries last.
see buzz's story

Don’t treat JUUL like a normal e-cig. Go gradual and you’ll surprise yourself.
see lauren's story
Switching to JUUL is really easy … it changed my life.
see Marine's story

I have my wife back.
see jennifer & doug's story
A total game-changer, as far as the upkeep and the learning curve.
see Gary's story

The Mint really does give you that hit in your throat that you’re looking for as a smoker.
see brandon's story
JUUL is a very easy to use and seamless vaping device.
see stephen & jennifer's story

The first time I used the JUUL, it felt like I was smoking.
see Jessa's story
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What the Community is Saying

"The variety in flavors allowed me to try a bunch as opposed to cigarettes where you are very limited."
Alysha , 48
juul customer since
Aug. 2018
"JUUL is super easy to assemble."
Nita , 31
juul customer since
Apr . 2018
"Be patient. It takes a little time to get used to a 'digital' smoke, but once you do, you'll wonder what took you so long to switch."
Gregory , 57
juul customer since
Sep. 2018
"Give yourself time (found mine first day) to discover your "sweet spot.""
Bryanne , 60
juul customer since
Jul. 2018
"Great nicotine level, very smooth."
Joshua , 38
juul customer since
May. 2018
"Don't look back."
Maite , 60
juul customer since
May. 2018
"I love the Mint flavor."
Jodie , 52
juul customer since
Jan. 2017
"It’s small, lightweight, smooth, not harsh...no bad cigarette smells and it’s convenient, plus has a long battery life."
Marina , 35
juul customer since
May. 2018
"I like that it is small and sleek."
Derrick , 45
juul customer since
Jun. 2018

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