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The JUUL Community

Meet the people who inspire us everyday. From cab drivers to doctors, this is what JUUL looks like in the real world.

It's not a cigarette.
see Reuven's story
I don't have to worry about smelling like cigarettes.
see Jason's story

I have my wife back.
see jennifer & doug's story
Switching to JUUL is really easy … it changed my life.
see Marine's story
"My problem with vapes in the past was that it didn’t feel like a real cigarette but the JUUL is small and gives me the same effect. I kind of love it."
"I smoked up to two packs a day so if I can do it you can as well."
"I appreciate the flavors they have. It’s small, it’s not bulky. I can charge it in my car at work."
"JUUL to me means feeling more presentable around people, not having bad breath and smell of smoke."
"Give it a try."
"I appreciate the satisfaction and the beautiful smooth flavors and pull!"
"I appreciate JUUL for the ease of use, nicotine level, price."
"With the JUUL, I can quickly and easily change the pod with no mess or small pieces. Charging the device couldn't be easier."
"Allow yourself the openness for change to come in. We don’t change if we’re in fear about change."

Our Technology
JUUL Labs was founded with the goal of improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers…
Our Mission
We envision a world where fewer people use cigarettes, and where people who smoke cigarettes have…