WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Q: City/State
A: Jamesville, NY 13078

Q: Age
A: 38

Q: Occupation
A: Self Employed cab driver/owner

Q: # Of Years You Were A Smoker
A: 15 years

Q: How did you find out about JUUL?
A: From my clients

Q: Why did you decide to make the switch to JUUL?
A: Simplified & practical version of e-cig

Q: What are the three things you appreciate most about JUUL?
A: Reliability & company stand by their product

Q: What does JUUL mean to you?
A: Stylish, a brand, compact, easy to use

I decided to make the switch to JUUL because I don’t smell, don’t need a lighter.
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With JUUL's help, I've accomplished something that I didn't realize I wanted to do.
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