WARNING: This product contains nicotine. 
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Not your average vaporizer

The JUUL Device

The JUUL Device is a closed system vaporizer designed to create a simple and consistently satisfying experience for adult smokers looking to transition away from cigarettes.

JUUL Device

JUUL is not your average vaporizer.

The JUUL Device comprises an indicator light that shows charge; an opening where you insert the JUULpod; and charging contacts on the bottom, that connect your device to the USB Charging Dock.

The JUUL Device contains a stress-tested battery, a proprietary temperature regulation technology and a set of sensors that identify when it's in use.

Device Basics

1. JUULpod mouthpiece

Insert a JUULpod* to use. Switch them whenever you need to.
*Not included

2. JUUL Device

With a JUULpod inserted, gently tap the device twice to show the battery life. No set-up and no hassle. JUUL is designed with simplicity in mind.

3. USB Charging Dock

Your JUUL Device charges via USB port in one hour.

How do I get started with JUUL Device?

Place the JUUL Device on the USB Charging Dock included to charge before use.

Remove the colored cap from the JUULpod (sold separately) and insert into the JUUL Device.

No buttons required to turn it on; simply draw on the mouthpiece.

Tap device twice gently to show battery life.

How to use JUUL

Give yourself time to explore what works best for you. You may find yourself inhaling or puffing a little differently with JUUL than with cigarettes.

How to set up your JUUL Device

No buttons or switches; just insert a JUULpod and you're ready to go.

Features & Benefits

Clean Design

No buttons and no screens, simply insert your JUULpod to get started.

Long Lasting Battery

Designed to cater to the needs of smokers, the JUUL Device features a long lasting battery life.

Fast Charging

The included JUUL USB Charging Dock enables you to quickly charge your JUUL anywhere with a USB port. Whether at home or on the go.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator lets you view the status of your JUUL Device’s battery with a tap.

Quality and Standards

At JUUL Labs, we take the quality of our products seriously. We design with compliance in mind, testing throughout the development process and continuing to test once products go into production.

We hold our technology to high category standards:

Device Standards

  • Battery Standards
    We test for reliability and operational consistency in both individual battery packs and at the larger systems level, including impact and drop testing as well as forced failure, all of which meet international safety standards, such as IEC 62133, UL 1642, and IEC 60335.

  • Electrical Testing Standards
    We test for electromagnetic compatibility, meeting or exceeding requirements for both radiating energy and safely absorbing it (immunity).

  • Radiated Emissions and Immunity Testing and Standards
    We test for and meet international radiated emission, immunity and safety standards, like CISPR 22, IEC 60335, and IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11.

  • Hardware Reliability Standards
    We routinely conduct hardware tests for reliability and safety in real-world scenarios, such as impact and drop testing. We follow and conform to California Proposition 65 and the European Union’s RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regarding the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Vapor Testing Standards

  • We perform temperature regulation testing to ensure our e-liquid heats to a vaporization standard that avoids combustion and does not include chemicals that form in high temperature combustion.

  • We routinely test our vapor to ensure that it meets our strict working standards.

  • We deploy tasting panels of trained users to ensure consistent flavor from batch to batch.

  • We perform toxicology testing on both the e-liquid and the resulting vapor following its vaporization through our heating products.

JUUL Devices - FAQ

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How do you use your JUUL?

How do you clean your JUUL?

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Where can you find your JUUL Serial Number?

JUUL Device

Not your average vaporizer

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