Our Perspective

JUUL Labs was founded with the goal of improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers.

Our Product

  • JUUL features a temperature regulation system that is designed to ensure consistent delivery and avoid combustion. This means that whether you inhale in short puffs or deep draws, the vapor is always at, and never above, the ideal temperature.
  • JUUL is designed to be as easy to use as combustible products, in order to make switching as convenient as possible.
  • We use only the highest quality manufacturing materials and flavor ingredients.
  • Unlike other alternatives on the market, JUUL accommodates nicotine levels akin to a cigarette’s in order to satisfy smokers switching.
  • We are constantly researching and innovating to find better ways to meet the needs of adult smokers.

Regulation & Public Policy

We support reasonable regulation of nicotine products and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

We share public health concerns about cigarettes; in fact, they constitute our company’s mission. We did not create JUUL to undermine years of effective tobacco control, and we do not want to see a new generation of smokers. We believe JUUL can accelerate cigarette displacement.

We are committed to understanding JUUL’s performance and impact. Incorporating the latest research from leading scientists in the field drives our innovation.

We want to be part of the solution to end combustible smoking, not part of a problem to attract youth, never smokers, or former smokers to nicotine products. We invest our time and resources in new ways to deliver JUUL exclusively to adult smokers, and we welcome discussions on this topic.

If you share our concerns and would like to speak with someone at JUUL, please contact youthprevention@juullabs.com.

Youth Prevention

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Marketing & Social Media Code

We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that our marketing is directed toward existing adult smokers.

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