WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Our Responsibility

We believe JUUL is the first viable alternative for adult smokers. Those who don’t currently use nicotine products should not start. We recognize that alternative tobacco products continue to be the subject of conversation. We welcome dialogue, debate, and data. Below are several JUUL Labs perspectives on these topics.

Regulation & Public Policy

We support reasonable regulation of tobacco and nicotine products and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

We did not create JUUL to undermine years of effective tobacco control, and we do not want to see a new generation of users. We believe JUUL can accelerate cigarette displacement.

We are committed to understanding JUUL’s performance and impact. Incorporating the latest research from leading scientists in the field drives our innovation.

We want to be part of the solution to end cigarette use, not part of a problem to attract youth, never smokers, or former smokers to nicotine products. We invest our time and resources in new ways to deliver JUUL exclusively to adult smokers, and we welcome discussions on this topic.

Marketing & Social Media Code

We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that our marketing and commercial communications are directed toward existing adult smokers. These guidelines, which may be modified from time to time, include assuring that our marketing is clear on the following points:

  • JUUL is a nicotine product intended for adult smokers of legal purchase age
  • JUUL is not appropriate or intended for youth
  • JUUL is not intended for former smokers or never smokers
  • JUUL is a switching product. JUUL products are not intended to be used as cessation products, including for the cure or treatment of nicotine addiction (e.g., smoking cessation), relapse prevention, or relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms
  • We do not feature images or situations intended for a youth audience
  • Our campaigns depict appropriately aged individuals
  • We do not use cartoons, caricatures, or other designs aimed at attracting minors
  • We ensure responsible placement of our product designed to limit exposure to an underage demographic
  • Paid product sampling complies with all federal and state regulations
  • We support and comply with all federal and state regulations to prevent sales to minors – this includes stringent third party age verification for online sales
  • We use social media responsibly to ensure content is targeted to adult smokers, while limiting engagement by youth. In the U.S., we do not use social media to advertise or promote JUUL products, and messaging is limited to non-promotional communications

Educational Resources

Adult smokers should have access to scientific research and opinions. Here are several links that offer a variety of perspectives on both the technology and the industry:

ASH U.K. Fact Sheet
Public Health England
The Food and Drug Administration
The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal