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US | June 15, 2020

Does Your JUUL Device Not Hold a Charge? Try These Tricks

The JUUL Device has a capacity of 200 mAh when fully charged. The JUUL Device battery should last as long as one full JUULpod, but may vary depending on usage habits. A fully charged JUUL Device should last through the day.

All lithium-ion batteries decrease in capacity over time. If you have owned your JUUL Device for a long time, you may find that it doesn’t hold a charge quite as well as it once did. In some cases, however, your device may not charge properly because of a fixable problem.

If your JUUL Device won’t charge, try these quick tips to get your JUUL Device up and running, and to make your JUUL Device last longer.

Clean the Contacts on Your JUUL Device and JUUL USB Charging Dock

If you carry your JUUL Device in your pocket, pocketbook or bag, it’s likely to pick up dust and pocket lint over time. If the contacts on your device and charger become dirty, you may find that your JUUL Device won’t charge or takes longer than usual to charge.

To clean the contacts on your device and charger, rub the contacts gently with the cotton swab to remove the grime.

Charge On the Go with the JUUL Portable Charging Case

The JUUL Portable Charging Case is an excellent solution for preventing your JUUL Device from dying when you don’t have access to a USB port for charging. The JUUL Portable Charging Case has an internal battery that can fully charge your JUUL Device up to three times, and you can charge the portable charging case from any USB port using the included charging cable.

The JUUL Portable Charging Case keeps your device clean and protected on the go. It can help to prevent dust from contaminating the device’s contacts and preventing proper charging.

Charge Your JUUL Device With a Different USB Port

If your JUUL Device isn’t charging, the source of the problem may not be the device or charger – it could be the USB port. Try charging your device using a different USB port.

Do not charge your JUUL Device with the wall adapter for a tablet or mobile phone. “Fast charge” adapters are not compatible with the JUUL Device.

Your JUUL Device is Covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty

Every JUUL Device has a one-year limited warranty that covers defects or component failures occurring during normal use. If your JUUL Device isn’t charging – and you have owned the device for less than a year – view the JUUL warranty page to see if your device is eligible for replacement. Note that the JUUL warranty does not cover JUUL Devices that aren’t functioning due to misuse, modifications or environmental damage such as being dropped in water. JUUL warranty also does not cover JUUL Devices not intended for sale in the US.

Dropped in water?

As mentioned above, the JUUL warranty does not cover a JUUL Device that isn’t holding a charge because it’s been dropped in water. If your device has been immersed in water, however, it may be possible to revive it if you’re able to dry the water before it causes permanent damage to the device’s internal electronics.

Start by manually removing as much of the water as possible. Remove the pod from the JUUL Device and blot the water out with a paper towel. Use a cotton swab to remove water from the top of the device, where the pod would be. Blow through the device to expel some of the water caught inside.

To remove most or all of the remaining water, place your JUUL Device in a zip-top bag with a packet of silica gel or a cup of dry rice. Remove the battery from the bag after a day. If your JUUL Device still isn’t charging, you’ll need to replace it.

If you’re a JUUL Pass member, you can receive a $10 discount on JUUL Device replacements twice per year.