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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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US | November 12, 2020

When is it Time to Replace My JUUL?

Whether you’re just beginning your transition away from combustible cigarettes or a vaping aficionado, understanding when to replace JUUL Devices and pods may help you stick to your strategy. We put reliability and consistency at the forefront of our engineering to help you better anticipate where your vapor journey may take you. Troubleshooting tools to restore peak performance will ensure that you achieve the best results from the start.

If you’re considering replacing your JUUL Device there are some basic maintenance tasks you can try before beginning the warranty process. We’ve assembled essential troubleshooting tips which may help return the full functionality of your JUUL, as well as aspects of what our warranty covers to get the functionality and satisfaction you expect from every puff.

Understanding When to Replace JUUL Products

Experienced vapers may already know that vape coils need to be periodically replaced. The coil vape experts refer to is the heating element itself which enables vaporization. JUUL is built to safeguard users from the potential of vaping a burnt coil by design. Our compact heating system regulates consistency to deliver flavor and vapor density that is reliably satisfying.

In detail, the all-in-one engineering of JUULpods is single-use to ensure the heating system functions exactly as long as intended. Our regulated temperature control system is balanced to prevent combustion while producing fulfilling nicotine vapor. Once the e-liquid inside is gone, the time to replace JUULpods has arrived.

In addition, our proprietary nicotine salt formulation is blended and filled in the USA with high quality ingredients for purity. Each pod is carefully assembled for single usage to protect users from potential excessive nicotine exposure during refilling due to spillage or leaking once the seal is broken. Users never need to replace vape coils or refill e-liquid in the enclosed system, simply change your JUULpod. The single-use design is yet another way Juul Labs puts the safety and satisfaction of our users first.

Why Is My JUUL Not Working? - When To Replace JUUL Device

If you experience a drop in vapor performance or intensity, air bubbles may be obstructing the flow of e-liquid. A simple cleaning of connected surfaces or a soft tap on the JUULpod may get you back to enjoying the nicotine vapor you can depend on.

Though uncommon, there are instances where your device may stop producing vapor due to equipment failure. If you’ve already addressed the suggested reasons outlined in our Troubleshooting Guide, you may be eligible for a replacement under the JUUL Device warranty.

First, it is recommended that users effectively clean the metal terminals that the JUULpod connects to. An unobstructed connection between your device and the pod will ensure you have full functionality. Additionally, tap the side of the device with a pod engaged to ensure your battery is effectively charged to produce vapor. A red LED light on your JUUL indicates the device requires charging.

The Power is Yours

Just as users should never refill JUULpods, once your device battery no longer functions as intended the time for replacing your JUUL Device may be at hand. To be clear, the design of our system incorporates safeguards to protect users from malfunctions due to improper usage.

In detail, if you have already cleaned your connection terminals and tried a new pod cartridge without your device generating vapor, it may be time to explore JUUL battery replacement. The JUUL battery comes standard with a 1-year warranty to protect the user journey and ensure their equipment goes the distance. Replacing your JUUL Device is a simple process with help from our Support Team to answer questions and guide user support.

The engineering of JUUL exists to meet the needs of adult smokers. A vision for the future without combustible cigarettes is an attainable goal. Prepare yourself with the satisfaction of JUUL backed by technology, engineering and support.