WARNING: This product contains nicotine. 
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JUUL products remain available for you to purchase.

The mission of Juul Labs is to transition the world’s billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage usage of our products.

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Savings, coupons, and convenient delivery.

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The minimum age to purchase JUUL products in the U.S. is 21.

What is JUUL?

JUUL is a vaporizer, also known as an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, unlike any other — designed to be convenient, easy-to-use, and familiarly enjoyable for adult smokers. Our proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation is the first of its kind, making innovative vapor technology a truly satisfying alternative.

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JUUL was created for adult smokers only.

Our core mission to eliminate combustible cigarettes is not achievable without ensuring those who have never used nicotine never start. In our dedicated effort to combat underage use of JUUL products, we implement additional safeguards and advanced security directives. JUUL.com is an age-gated website which requires a verification process to confirm users are 21 years of age or older for full access.

JUUL is designed for adult smokers, and our platform is designed to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our products.