WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Track + Trace.

Helping end sales to underage users.

JUUL is specifically designed for adult smokers, and it’s our top priority to keep our products out of the hands of underage users. To help in this effort, we created Track + Trace.

This program allows Juul Labs to identify where underage users obtained their products. By finding the source of underage sales, we can ensure we’re working with retailers who are dedicated to enforcing Tobacco 21 laws, and help educate retailers on new tobacco legislation.

Report a Device

How it works.

Track + Trace helps prevent underage nicotine use in three ways.

Reporting systems.

When an adult confiscates any JUUL Device from an underage user, they can use a simple portal to report the product.

Fully traceable products.

Once reported, we can trace the product back to the point of sale. This allows us to identify patterns of how underage users are acquiring JUUL products.

Retailer compliance.

If we find that a retailer is not following Tobacco 21 laws, we can help ensure adherence of federal laws, and take appropriate action.

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How you can help.

If you’re an adult that has confiscated a JUUL Device from an underage user, you can help stop underage sales by reporting devices online.

Report a Device

Visit the Track + Trace portal and enter the JUUL Device’s serial number.

That’s it. Once you submit a report, we will start the Track + Trace process and locate the retailer who sold the product. By learning more about the source of underage sales, we will help stop the spread of underage use.