WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Youth Prevention

JUUL Labs is committed to improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes. We don’t want anyone who doesn’t smoke, or already use nicotine, to use JUUL products. We certainly don’t want youth using the product. It is bad for public health, and it is bad for our mission.

JUUL Labs is committed to combating youth use of vapor products, including JUUL. In November 2018, we launched a comprehensive action plan to combat youth usage in the United States. These actions include:

Restricting Flavors

In November, we suspended the distribution of Mango, Fruit, Creme, and Cucumber to traditional retail. These flavors are currently available only online at JUUL.com with our enhanced online controls that are compliant with our 21+ Restricted Distribution System.

Enhancing Online Controls at JUUL.com

Since we submitted our action plan, we have strengthened our e-commerce platform to further restrict underage and bulk purchases:

  • First, we revised our bulk-purchasing limits to restrict users from purchasing excess quantities of product and reselling to others, potentially youth.
  • Second, we implemented two-factor authentication for all new JUUL.com accounts.
  • Third, we incorporated facial-recognition technology, requiring a potential purchaser to upload a photo in addition to his or her government-issued identification if their personal information cannot be verified by publicly-available records

Improving Retailer Compliance

We have ramped up our secret shopper program and now conduct compliance checks against our bulk-purchasing requirements (2 devices and 5 pod packages per transaction). The program grew from approximately 500 checks per month to 2,000.

We have also taken additional measures to strengthen retailer compliance. We have revised our reseller policy and notified retailers that we will penalize them for FDA CMP violations.

Exited Social Media

We discontinued our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We continue to maintain a Twitter account, but only for non-promotional communications such as study results, executive hires, potential safety notices, and other corporate announcements. We are continuously working to remove inappropriate third-party social media content in partnership with major social media companies. Third-party users generate more than 99 percent of all social media content related to JUUL.

Developing Technology-Based Solutions to Prevent Youth Use

Borrowing concepts from the pharmaceutical and other industries, we have started the process to build a robust individual product tracking system. Ultimately, we will be able to trace a device confiscated from an underage user back through the distribution channel, potentially identifying the retailer that sold the product, and take appropriate action.

Additionally, we are moving full-steam ahead with the development of our Bluetooth-connected device that could incorporate user-level access restrictions.

Supporting Tobacco 21 Legislation

We strongly support responsible legislation, such as raising the minimum-purchasing age for tobacco products, including vapor products like JUUL, to 21 years of age. We will actively pursue Tobacco 21 laws by drafting legislation, funding advocacy campaigns, and engaging with lawmakers.

While raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21 is not the only strategy for reducing underage use, we believe it is critical because it will prevent high-school seniors and recent high-school graduates from purchasing tobacco products and sharing them with underage users. We know that “social sourcing”—obtaining tobacco products from friends or siblings who are of legal age—is the main contributor to youth use.

Read more about our support for T21 legislation here.